It’s not always obvious why children are having difficulty or how to help. That’s where we can help:

BHPT provides physical therapy, aquatic therapy, community-based therapy, and private training. All therapy sessions provided are one-on-one and take place in the comfort of the patient’s home or desired location.

Physical Therapy: BHPT provides home-based physical therapy in the comfort of a clients home. Impairments such as low tone, balance, coordination, and gait are addressed through prescribed therapeutic exercises and activities.

Aquatic Therapy: The benefits of aquatic therapy go beyond traditional  therapy and the properties of water. Aquatic therapy provides the child with a sensory-filled environment. This combined with proper guidance of a therapist creates the ability for the child to strengthen musculature, improve coordination and balance, and promote normal movement and gait. All aquatic therapy equipment is supplied.

Community-based Therapy: BHPT provides community-based physical therapy in locations such as parks, schools, or other community locations. Examples of therapy include learning gross motor skills such as running, jumping, catching and throwing, sport-specific training, or school-based therapy.

Private Training: BHPT offers private training sessions in the home or fitness center. Goals are client/family specific. Examples of treatment include generalized strengthening, balance and coordination, and range of motion.

Common conditions treated are: autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, gross motor delay, and other impairments due to an acquired congenital, neurological, or orthopedic condition.

BHPT does not accept insurance for payment as insurances such as DDD limit patient services and provide restrictions to patient care.

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