Ben Handler Physical Therapy,  in-home pediatric  concierge physical therapy was created around the theory that the most efficient and effective rehab is one-on-one treatment in the comfort of the patient’s  home. Ben’s model for therapy emphasizes patient functionality and incorporates the goals of the patient and family in the treatment plan. Ben provides a personable treatment approach that creates a fun, energetic, and engaging environment that is optimal for patient rehabilitation and sustainable change. He provides nontraditional land and aquatic based physical therapy which maximizes rehabilitation potential.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Ben Handler is a concierge pediatric physical therapist practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ben is originally from Long Island, New York. He received his undergraduate education at Indiana University before receiving his doctorate in physical therapy at Husson University in Bangor, Maine.

After graduating in 2013, Ben moved to Scottsdale Arizona and began working at an outpatient pediatric physical therapy office. He had the privilege of evaluating and treating patients with a wide variety of medical diagnoses. In addition to treating patients in the clinic, Ben established a pediatric home-visit department where he treated special needs children in their home, swimming pool, public park-anywhere to emphasize pediatric functionality and achieve the goals of the patient and family.

In 2015 Ben was offered an opportunity to become the concierge physical therapist for a patient in Zurich, Switzerland where he provided 24/7 on-call service until returning home later that year.

Ben Handler Physical Therapy was created in 2016 to provide home-based land and aquatic therapy for special needs children throughout the Phoenix area. He had the desire to make a big impact on relationships with children and families in the community . Through a one-on-one hands-on approach, Ben is able to deliver elite therapy for children and provide education and resources to parents in order to achieve physical therapy goals.


Ben Handler Physical Therapy provides land and aquatic based physical therapy services. All therapy sessions provided are one-on-one and take place in the comfort of the patient’s home. Ben Handler Physical Therapy does not accept insurance for payment as insurances such as DDD limit patient services and provide restrictions to patient care. Ben Handler Physical Therapy offers a pay-for-service model which allows for personalized and optimal rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy: Ben’s approach to home-based physical therapy is nontraditional. Visits are performed in the home, public park, school, or anywhere to emphasize pediatric functionality.

Aquatic Therapy: The benefits of aquatic therapy go beyond traditional  therapy and the properties of water. Aquatic therapy provides the child with a sensory-filled environment. This combined with proper guidance of a therapist creates the ability for the child to strengthen musculature, improve coordination and balance, and promote normal movement and gait. All aquatic therapy equipment is supplied.

Common conditions treated are: autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, gross motor delay, and other impairments due to an acquired congenital, neurological, or orthopedic condition.

Rates are dependent on location and visit-packages.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please complete the below form, e-mail benhandlerpt@gmail.com, or call 631-258-7489.



“Ben started in home-based physical therapy with my son Colin when he was 13 years old. Colin has Down syndrome. Ben was able to motivate, keep Colin engaged and focused as well as make each session fun and memorable. Ben suggested we meet in a local neighborhood park where Colin could advance and learn many sports activities which were a perfect fit. Ben and Colin had mostly one-on-one sessions and sometimes Ben would arrange to have us meet and work with other clients. This was always a great opportunity for the children as well as parents! My family is thankful and grateful for the time Colin spent each week with Ben and his lasting positive experiences that have contributed to Colin’s growth and development.”

-Suzanne- Cave Creek, AZ

“There are a lot of challenges in raising a child with Autism. It is important to have the proper team to grow and nourish the child. I signed my son up for flag football when he was 8 years old. I did this to add physical education to his week as well as make friends. The coaches were great and would let him in the game when the score was up. It did not matter if he ran the wrong direction as long as he was having fun. At the end of the first season, my son asks if someone could help him play like his football friends. He has matured and gained so much confidence. I am forever grateful for the love and care Ben has given my son! In my book, Ben is the best physical therapist in the state of Arizona!”

-Mimi- Mesa, AZ